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Hi I'm samueldpoetry, a blogger and a writer. Out of the numerous blogging and monetizing strategies available online, this blog aims to share all strategies I've learned to make my internet endeavor less laborious compared to someone new to the deal of blogging for money.

It is true that the combination of many things lead to successful blogging. Without wasting time, below are the combos that have been working for me through my blogging journey.

1. Working on email (email marketing) has been one among the effective tool for bloggers and webmasters. I have been using the following for my email marketing stunts:-

2. Working on the effective automation is paramount among bloggers and webmasters; automation reduces the stress of manual input. Not even in this era where effective use of social media networks add to bloggers level of success. The following tools have greatly helped my automation:-

3. Working on the new trending form of exchange has adding to the syllabus of bloggers and webmasters. Speaking of the new form of exchange (cryptocurrencies), hunting for bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, now seem important via the following strategies:-

4. Working on the advantages of links help maximize time spent online. By using various url shortening platforms, links become assets that liabilities:-

5. Working on survey is an extra form of mini profit endeavor. After tons of trials and errors, I've stayed with the following survey platform:-

6. Trading is not out of the equation. I watch and learn from the following forex (foreign exchange) trading websites:-

7. Working on affiliate marketing opportunities is part of my practice. I started out with Amazon Affiliate Network but dropped it due to the international restriction of my country's debit cards. Such restriction limits my potential sales. I only stick with:-

8. Working on traffic generation should go beyond search engine optimization (google, yahoo, bing, etc.) since the struggle for search ranking has never been easy. Other means by which I complement my search engine traffics are:-

9. Saving the best for the last. Monetizing blog with third-party ad networks is a common practice and therefore:-

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